Network Revolution is a team of IT professionals with deep experience in the design, management and support of IP Networks, Information Security and Network Security.

We specialise in Palo Alto Networks’ best-of-breed Next Generation Firewalls - with experience in the products from Juniper, Cisco and other vendors.

Our Firewall Advance service ensures you’re receiving the best possible protection from your Palo Alto firewalls - see below for more details. Verify the state of your firewalls with our Firewall Check service which will provide you actionable intelligence on the posture of your firewall estate.


Firewall Advance

Palo Alto Networks' firewalls are feature-rich security appliances, however these features must be carefully configured to permit the firewall to provide the highest level of protection for the enterprise.

The following are some of these features - which are not enabled by default.


Personalised security policy for individuals - reduce management and risk by no longer relying on IP addresses as a poor form of authorisation token.

Threat Mitigation

Deep packet inspection, backed up by dynamic threat updates.


Sandbox-based inspection of suspect files.

Application Control

Protect against data exfiltration through application-based rules - beyond the trivial-to-bypass port-based controls of traditional firewalls.

DoS Mitigation

Protect web-facing services from attack by dropping malicious traffic on your firewalls.


Highly secure, always-on, VPN protecting mobile users on the road.

Network Revolution's Firewall Advance service helps ensure your firewall is providing the best possible protection for your nework. We will work with your security team to define a configuration for your firewalls that leverages the technologies appropriate to your business.


Firewall Health Check

Discover your firewall’s level of compliance with both industry best practices and corporate security policy with Network Revolution's Firewall Check service. Determine if your organisation is making the most of your firewall infrastructure.